Murska - Murska Filling Augers
Murska Filling Augers

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The filling device transfers the grain tothe roller mill, the trailer, the lorry or the silo, removing the need for another work phase, i.e. using a loader. The grain remains cleaner and there is less wear and tear on the mill rollers.

Murska FA 300Murska FA 250


  Murska FA-300 Murska FA-250
Capacity > 40 t/h > 25 t/h
Hydraulic oil 40-45 l/min 45 l/min
Hopper volume 1500 l 150 l
Unloading height 3150-3800 mm  
Length (towing pos.) 2993 (4407) mm  
Width (with wings) 2550 (2855) mm  
Tipping  width 2800 mm  
Height min.2600 mm  
Tipping height 590 mm > 650 mm
Weight 1300 kg