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Equip your roller mill with a tube packing machine

Preserving grain in a plastic tube is a cost-effective and easy solution

The Murska roller mill equipped with a bagger crimps, adds preservative and packs the harvest-moist grain into an airtight plastic tube - all in a single operation. The crimped grain is ready-to-feed fodder, suitable for all livestock.  The tube can be filled to mostly a length of 60 m, meaning that a sack measuring ø2.0 m will accom-modate around 180 m³ of high-quality compacted grain. There are available different bag sizes.The opening in the sack is easy to manage, and suitable also for minor consumption.Tube packaging comes into its own especially on farms which buy in some of its grain feed. Often, grain is delivered irregularly, and there can be a break of several days in the crimping operation. In the case of tubing, preservation can be interrupted without any additional work phases.

Murska models that can be equipped with a tube packing machine
• Murska 350 S2 • Murska 700 H • Murska 1000 HD • Murska 1400 S 2x2 • Murska 2000 S 2x2 • Murska W-Max 10 • Murska W-Max 15 • Murska W-Max 20

murska tuubipakkain

Murska hydraulic chain elevator as optional extra for the bagger

For situations where an elevator is necessary in addition to the bagger, for instance when the grain is crimped in the field directly from the harvester to the cart. Assembly is easy, using for example the front loader’s lifting forks. Attachment is by quick-hitch latches.

The elevator is driven by a hydraulic motor and has a hydraulic cylinder tilt. The rear elevator fits all bagger models.

Models that can be equipped with a hydraulic chain elevator

• Murska W-Max 10 • Murska W-Max 20 • Murska 2000 • Murska 350 S2 • Murska 700 HD • Murska 1000 HD

murska optio peraelevaattori


Discharge elevator conveyor tiltsmanually or hydraulically.Unloading height is 3.6-5.2 m.

Crimped grain flow canbe adjusted in the desired direction by a remote control. (optional accessory)


Folding screw conveyor

This folding screw conveyor designed for unloading is both powerful and comfortable to use. Unloading height is 4.1 m.


Belt conveyor

The belt conveyor enables the unloading of crimped grain from both sides directly to the back because the conveyor turns 180º. This is why the mill is suitable in different kinds of crimping conditions. Unloading height is 4.1 m.


Murska Multipurpose Chassis

Gives you a possibility to use your Murska equipment throughout the year.

Crimping unit for high moisure and dry grain/maize crimping. Dumping hopper for other times: bag-ging whole cereals, pressed pulp, silo maize, brewery grain, chopped whole grain etc.

Dumping Hopper

Murska bagger with dumpinghopper, see details above. (Multipurpose chassis)

murska lastaussuppilo

Electric motor drive

An electric motor driven crimper saves energy and helps to reduce air pollution.

Automatic start-up and close down. Rotation safety guard stops the mill in case the drivebelt slips or breaks.

Additive dispenser

Vitamins, urea/maxammon additivesetc. can be dosed with crimped grainsby the dispenser. It is equipped withload sensors and a tachometer to getthe most accurate result.

Hopper volume 900 l
Input 12 V
Hydraulic 45 l/min
Length 1560 mm
Height 1319 mm
Width 1391 mm
Weight 380 kg

murska annostelija

Automatic lubrication system

Automatic lubrication system is available for every Murska crimper. The system lubricates the connected items fully automatically.

The user needs only to take care of filling of the lubricant container. The system pumps the optimum amount of lubricant to each lubrication point as required.

murska rasvaus

Additive pump

HP20 is reliable and easy to use. Capacity of the pump is 0-5 l/min.

Pro-Device additive pump

First class accuracy and usability. Dosers enclosure is made of stainless steel.Intelligent control electronic regulates flow to a certain constant level. A change in supply voltage, suction/pumping height or fluid level in the tank does not affect the total delivery.

murska hapotin

Murska Data

New generation automatic process control  with a 7” touch-screen display.

Murska Data adjusts the rollers at start-up. When roller pressure and PTO speed reach given limit values the hydraulic feeder starts to feed grain to the rollers.

Murska Data continuously monitors grain feed according to roller pressure, V-belt speed and PTO speed. Preservative flow is also adjusted according to volume and moisture level of grain.
Control system saves all the data for further analyzing, reporting or invoicing contractor ́s clients, for example.

Murska Data is available for Roller mills 2000, 4000 and all W-Max disc mills.