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Tube composting – inexpensive and quick

Tube composting is an environmentally friendly way to transform manure into nutritious full soil. Air exchange by ventilators and the heating effect of black plastic foil will intensifycomposting in the tube. The mass is reduced by about one third and it becomes hygienic, homogenous and inodorous.

Why to compost in a tube?
+ In tube composting an insulated floor or drain basin are not needed.
+ By tube composting, handling of waste is simple and quick.
+ Tube composting is suitable, for instance, for composting of horse or chicken manure.
+ MurskaBiopacker has a wide packing channel and heavy duty packing worms and thus stones, pieces of wood and other things do not disturb the packing process.

» MurskaBio (pdf - 1.7 Mt)


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