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In harmony with nature

Crimping is profitable

Crimping is a cost-effective way to produce high-quality feed for all livestock. It improves profitability of the farm by reducing costs of investments and energy.
Production costs of crimped grain are much lower than those of dried grain.

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New W-crimping technology

Murska’s ode to efficiency and usability

• Murska W-Max is a power mill, designed to meet the user’s every need. W-Max will achieve almost 60 tonnes/hour (maize) performance at low energy need. The new grinding crimping technology gives perfect results.
• The W-roller can be used on all feed grains, whether dry or harvest-moist: oats, barley, wheat, maize, peas, beans and mixed grains.
• Suitable especially for crimping mixtures of grains / beans and peas.
• The optional control system facilitates use. The mill has automatic fill control, and preservative dosing is based on the moisture content of the grain. When the work is complete, the system sends a report to a mobile phone, and the contractor can attach it to his invoice. The report details the time spent, the amount of preservative added and the total volume of the crimped cereal. The system will also produce interim data. The control system takes care of user and machine security. In the event of a disruption, the mill alerts the user and stops the supply of grain.
• Murska W-Max is really fun to use. It is capable of carrying a large volume of preservative. It is easy to adjust the crimping level, but this is seldom necessary. The service points are easily accessible. The advanced control system allows the user to stop thinking about the preserva - tive dosage and the crimped tons of grain. Is there any easier way to preserve grain?

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